The Players

An introduction to the characters that make up our little party is in order for the following blog posts to make any kind of sense. Below the players and their characters are introduced starting with player name and moving on to character name and classes.

August: Franco Tarible, Constable/Chirurgeon

Longstanding member of the Cavaliers and known for his great love of his country and the ideals of its laws. Originally from the Gallinean countryside Franco served with the Gallinean Army as a field surgeon before joining the Cavaliers, and now resides in the Royal barracks in Lutetia. Dedicated to justice and order Franco often patrols Lutetia’s streets on his own accord, settling disputes and public disturbances by his authority as a cavalier, earning him a reputation for dedication and reliability. Franco truly loves his homeland and its Queen, and will do anything to serves its best interests.

Nina: Katya Dolovskij, Mechanician/Visionary

KatyaA withdrawn Mechanician from Talania who reluctantly agreed to join the cavaliers on her twin sister’s initiative. Katya’s identical twin-sister Tanya was already an established member of the cavaliers, and one the Cardinal’s Guards has a long standing enmity with. Katya got used to being mistaken for her sister and challenged or pursued, and had to use all her ingenuity to get out of such situations without resorting to dueling. Fond of learning and proud inventor of traps, clockwork guns and mechanical pets.

Thomas: Lucille, Dragoon/Courtier

Her family being distant relatives of the royal family Lucille would spend her Lucillechildhood at the Lutetian court, and had the good fortune of endearing herself to the then Princess Mariana at a young age. As she realized that her childhood association with the queen might easily lead to a life of service at the court on her parents’ whims. Not wanting such a fate Lucille joined the army, securing a place among the respected dragoons. Lucille is first and foremost a dutiful soldier, and she doesn’t like it when people assume her noble upbringing helped her military career. Stoic and no-nonsense she is often more serious than her 17 years suggest, not afraid to share unpopular opinions.

Mikkel: Adel, Witch/Provocateur

In her birth country Ifran Adel belonged to an esoteric branch of Deverianism Adelconsidered heretical by some. Forced to keep moving to avoid persecution for her faith Adel traveled extensively among the nomad tribes of the desert, providing  mystical help and services to those who would let her. Adel always dreamed of going to Gallinea, where rumor had it that all faiths were tolerated and no conflict had existed sine the last war. When the opportunity to travel to Lutetia presented itself Adel wasted no time and soon found herself on the street, penniless and somewhat disillusioned with her rosy picture of Gallinea. Joining the Cavaliers to achieve social status and reliable income in her adopted homeland.


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