This blog is dedicated to the adventures of a group of roleplayers in the game “The Queen’s Cavaliers” (TQC), a so-called table-top roleplaying game. The setting of TQC mirrors an enlightened version of our own 17th century, the time of Dumas’ musketeers, the Cavalier Years of swashbucklers, gentlemen and pirates.

My name is Christian and I run the games we play as the Game Master (GM). We are five players in all, myself and four friends who play self-made characters, all members of the prestigious order of The Queen’s Cavaliers, dedicated to the service of Queen Mariana of Gallinea. You can read more about their chracters in the Players section on the header above.

The blog serves to both help me keep track of the session we have played and to hopefully spread the word about what a brilliant game TQC is. If you want to know more about the game there is both a Facebook Group, G+ community and an official blog.


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